Rules of Conduct and Discipline

Parents And Pupils Must Acquaint Themselves With The Rules And Regulations Of The School. Ignorance Of The Rules Is No Excuse.
All Pupils Of This Institution Shall Be Governed By The Rules Of This School For Their Conduct And Application.

  • Pupils shall be present in school during class hours.
  • Pupils shall be punctual and shall attend school regularly.
  • Pupils shall wear the correct school uniform on working days and for school functions.
  • Pupils are responsible to the school for their conduct in and outside the school.
  • Gross indiscipline, truancy, misbehaviour in public, habitual idleness, copying at the tests/examinations or a week’s inexcusable absence, is each a sufficient cause for Dismissal.
  • Pupils should refrain from Vandalism and protect school property.
  • Pupils must come prepared for class with their TEXT AND NOTEBOOKS, WRITING AND OTHER MATERIAL.
  • Pupils must be attentive in class at all times and should develop regular and good study habits.
  • Pupils shall not play in the classrooms/corridor of the school building.
  • When moving along corridors, the pupils shall at all times keep to the left and follow the instructions of the school leaders.
  • Pupils shall be kind to one another and shall be careful with their own belongings and that of their classmates and fellow pupils.
  • When the bell rings (morning and after the recess) all pupils should be in their classroom.
  • In the absence of the teacher, the Class Monitor assumes responsibility of the class. The Assistant Monitor should report the matter to Principal if no teacher arrives within five minutes. If a teacher is absent, the Supervisor will inform the Class Monitor and Assistant Monitor. In such a case, the class may be sent for Games or to the Audio-Visual Room or may have to stay in class, as directed by the Supervisor.
  • No pupil may leave class during Class hours without the permission of the teacher/class monitor.
  • No pupil may bring to school any magazines, novels, periodicals or books, other than the prescribed textbooks.
  • Personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected from all pupils. Pupils must have their hair cut short and their nails well pared. Shoes must be polished and uniforms, neat and clean.
  • No pupil may bring any valuable articles to school. Parents must give their children simple, inexpensive articles for use in school.
  • The school will not be responsible for any loss/damage or theft of the belongings of the pupils, though necessary care and precautions will be taken for their security.
  • Pupil found guilty in act of vandalism or destruction of school property will have to bear the cost for the same.
  • No pupil will leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils found leaving the school premises during the recess to patronize street vendors will be penalized.
  • All should take an honest pride in keeping the classrooms, corridors and school campus clean and beautiful.
  • Only in case of an emergency will the pupil be permitted to use the school phone.
  • Eating in class or in the school buildings is strictly prohibited.
  • No pupil shall make any collection in class or school unless duly authorized by the teacher who will have the prior sanction of the principal.
  • No pupil shall engage in any sale of any articles in the school.
  • Pupils are not permitted to give gifts to members of the staff. Pupils may, however, show their appreciation by giving a card or writing a note.
  • Pupils may be sent home for breach of the above regulations. The school will not be responsible for the safety of the child sent home. When possible, particularly in the case of the younger children, the parents will be contacted.