Our History

Dr. Antonio da Silva High School is a Catholic, minority institution administered by a Board of Trustees. It is an English medium boys school and a member of the Archdiocesan Board of Education. The School prepares pupils for the SSC and HSC Examination.

Over the past 150 years the school has been responsible for the education of its pupils from diverse socio-economic strata and religious backgrounds. Boys of all communities have always been admitted.

The history of Dr. Antonio da Silva High School and Jr. College has been a history of vicissitudes and shifting of premises at different periods of its life, until it was finally and permanently established on its present existing site.

In 1848, the Primary Portuguese School attached to the Church of N. S. da Salvacao, Dadar, thrived under the direction of Rev. Fr. Luis, the then Vicar. It was found necessary to introduce the teaching of English, and this School was, therefore, in 1867, changed to “St. John's Anglo-Portuguese School”, located on the premises of the present Sacred Heart Convent adjoining the Church of N. S. da Salvacao.

It was still a Primary School, teaching up to the Third Standard, for the education of the Portuguese youth of the locality. The great educational philanthropist, Rev. Fr. J. B. Fernandes, took the lead in an effort to advance the interest of the School. He set up, in March, 1874, an English-Teaching School titled “The Girls’ School dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary”, in addition, as a branch of the School, teaching up to the Third Standard. It was at this time that the memorable name of Dr. Antonio da Silva came to be associated with the present Institution. It was his magnanimous heart, opening out to tender its timely aid, in the shape of a munificent bequest for the Boys' School, on his death in 1871, that placed it on a stable and enduring foundation. In 1875, it was named "St. John's Anglo-Portuguese School by Dr. Antonio da Silva”. In 1877, a Library was established mainly through the donation of Rev. J. B. Fernandes.

In complete recognition of the invaluable gift of Dr. Antonio da Silva, and in accordance with his desire, the School was designated in 1885 "The Dr. Antonio da Silva Anglo-Portuguese School”. It was also at this time that it was segregated from the Girls' School and its premises transferred to the existing buildings.

The School was attended by a large number of boys from Salsette, and the growing need for additional accommodation was felt. Thus, in 1912, the West Wing of the building was erected and in 1924 the North Wing. Gradually, the school grew from strength to strength. In 1963, the School opened its Technical Stream. Thus we had the Secondary and the Primary Sections functioning side by side with it.

In June 1971, the Science and Technical School shifted from the existing academic school to Cadell Road (Veer Savarkar Marg), Dadar.

In 1978, the Antonio da Silva High School introduced a Jr. College of Commerce.

The school aims at the integral personal formation of its pupils.
To this end, special efforts are made:
To help its pupils become mature, spiritually oriented men of character;
To encourage them to strive after excellence;
To make them unselfish in the service of their fellowmen;
To make them agents of progressive social change;
To make them clear and firm in their principles and courageous and resolute in action.
To instil in them a true national spirit, a deep love for their motherland and an appreciation of Indian culture, values, languages and traditions.

Education is not merely the development of the mind and body, but also the heart, so that pupils are more alive to, and aware of, situations in which people live, specially the poor and the oppressed. In the formation of character. emphasis is laid on qualities of commitment, initiative, team spirit, integrity, honesty, simplicity, austerity and service to others.