Chairman's Message

“By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit” - Mahatma Gandhi
Motivated by these inspirational words from the Mahatma, we at Dr.Antonio da Silva (High School and Junior College of Commerce, Technical High School and Junior College of Science) have made it our mission to accept and appreciate the needs of our students in the context of their circumstances. We realise it is pivotal to have an empathetic understanding of the socio-economic and cultural background of every child to achieve this aim.
In the words of John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself." We firmly believe in providing a learning environment that promotes academic excellence and simultaneously integrates co-curricular activities that can develop practical skills beyond mere knowledge of subjects. Assimilating physical education in the core curriculum has been our priority.
To achieve this, we provide our students professional training with state-of–the-art sports facilities.
It is my earnest appeal to our parents to join us in our continuous endeavors to develop a child’s true potential. Together, we will empower them to achieve academic success and teach them fundamental virtues like self-esteem, respect for others, and regard for the environment.
As Chairman of the Trust and as an exstudent of this esteemed 150-year-old educational institution, I take this opportunity to thank each one of you -parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and school committee members—who, individually and collectively, strive towards creating a conducive educational climate for the reason this organisation was established and continues to exists - its students.
Joseph D'Souza

Principal's Message - Primary School

The Pre-Primary  (kindergarten) section of Dr Antonio da Silva High school better known as ‘The Creative Academy’ is the heart of this institution. The pre-school experiences enjoyed by the youngsters, build up the stage for the rest of the education gathered in the coming years.

The Primary section of  our institute is the vibrant group of children for ever exploring the richness of life. The ambience of the school and the warm companionship of their classmates make the days interesting and memorable. Exposure to the training of physical health, music and various co-curricular activities in both the sections- bring out a wholistic development of the student. To develop an attitude which strikes the right chord of honesty and teamwork, to enhance the self -esteem of every child is called for. The credit of the smooth functioning of the school in both the Primary and Pre-Primary sections is earned by the enthusiastic team of teachers, who are willing to gratify to the wants of the students and be with them in these first years of their official academic life.

I invite all to collaborate with us in this mission ‘Education that change the future’- to tap the potential of these future citizens of our country and let them light up the rainbow in their lives.

Mrs. Rayna D'Souza


Principal's Message - Secondary School and Junior College of Commerce

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Principal's Message - Technical High School and Junior College of Science

Dear Parents and Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to our technical website page .

This institute was started to educate deserving boys and enable them to receive quality education. The technical branch began in the 1970s to encourage students to become self- reliant. 

It gives me immense joy to declare that our students have done well, not only in academics but also in sports and other co-curricular activities. From the year 2021, our first co-education batch began successfully.

Being a technical school and Science college we believe in “ learning by doing “.  We have a state of the art workshop with the latest technology and robots, fully functional science laboratories, an innovative math lab.,  along with expert guidance from our very own efficient and experienced  teaching staff. Our teachers give their 100% to fulfill our mission; to educate, challenge and inspire all students to reach their full potential.

Adherence to discipline is our priority, so our students shine and stand out in society. 

The teaching and non-teaching staff are  like an extended family, always striving to take the institute to greater and newer heights.

It is my earnest wish that our students not just imbibe scientific and technical knowledge but are nurtured and guided into becoming responsible human beings, with the highest morals and values, and use technology to make our planet a better place for all.

Thanks & regards,

Sandesh Sarwade, 

i/c Principal

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